4 Day Camp

Pokémon-inspired: "Who Am I?" Filmic Arts Camp (June 2024)

5 - 12 Years Old


18th - 21st June (Tues - Fri)

Time: 9.30pm - 1pm


42A North Canal Road, Level 2, Singapore 059298

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Includes all materials and snacks

Calling all boys and girls! This June, our Pokémon-inspired film arts camp will see children aged 5-12 become storytellers and costume designers, creating their own Pokémon-inspired characters. This4-day adventure is perfect for young artists, aspiring designers, and Pokémon enthusiasts eager to explore the realms of creativity, story development, and theatrical presentation.


Why Pokémon-inspired Camp?

1.    Storytelling and Character Creation: Campers will develop their own unique creature, drawing inspiration from a blend of real animals, mythical lore, and the captivating Pokémon universe.



2.    Costume Design and Crafting: Participants will design and create a hooded cape that brings their creature to life, perfect for storytelling, performances, and even Halloween!



3.    Age-Appropriate Learning: With two distinct age groups, activities are specifically tailored to engage and challenge each child appropriately. Younger campers will use safe, simple materials, while older campers will tackle more sophisticated design and crafting techniques.



Learning Outcomes:


Group A (Ages 5-7):

·    Imagination & Creativity: Encourage imaginative thinking through story creation and


·    Fine Motor Skills & Crafting: Develop fine motor skills through hands-on costume crafting, using child-friendly materials.

·    Foundational Storytelling: Introduce basic narrative structures and character development, enhancing communication skills.



Group B (Ages 7-12):

·    Advanced Artistic Skills & Costume Design: Cultivate advanced drawing and sewing skills, focusing on costume design as a form of storytelling.

·    Complex Storytelling & Scriptwriting: Foster an understanding of complex narratives, character arcs, and thematic storytelling.

·    Leadership in Filmic Arts: Develop leadership and communication skills through group projects and presentations.



Special Event: Fashion Showcase

The camp concludes with a spectacular fashionshowcase where campers will present their characters and costumes. This grandfinale allows them to step into their roles as storytellers, showcasing theircreations to an audience of family and friends.

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