We combine the filmic arts with the Reggio pedagogy, that is child-centered and constructivist.

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At The Dimple Loft, we respect and value your talent and strengths, we want this job to give you the opportunity to express yourself creatively while at the same time inspire children to explore and learn through inquiry.


Below are the job requirements but they are by no means exhaustive.

  1. Undergo basic training to understand the requirements of the curriculum.
  2. Work with fellow Imagineers to create detailed lesson plans
  3. Create all necessary printed materials such as workbooks, templates etc that children will require during the workshop.
  4. Prepare all materials and implement the lesson.
  5. Write reflective journals for the class and individual children.
  6. Communicate with parents and update our Facebook page with fresh original content.

While we prefer candidates with at least a basic Early Childhood Diploma, or relevant training in Fine Art, Design, Film and Media Production, we welcome people from all disciplines to apply -- because we know lawyers love baking and engineers love sewing -- and you just might be a creative at heart looking for a career switch.

We do, however want you to possess the following qualities:

  1. Be highly curious
  2. Have a strong personal passion
  3. Enjoys working with children
  4. Believes in the value of experiential learning
  5. Thrives on creativity
  6. Have a calm and pleasant disposition

Our remuneration is basic+commission and based on your qualifications, experience and number of teaching days.

Interested applicants, please apply to with the following:

  1. Your CV with a recent colour photograph in PDF format.
  2. A short paragraph telling me about your personal passion/hobby/interest/dream (at least 200 words).
  3. A short paragraph on why you think this job is the one for you.
  4. Make sure the subject line of the email reads “I Want To Be An Imagineer”
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February 12, 2018

Rockstar Communicator


Our business is about bringing children's imagination to life. In some way, it's empowering them with the skills to create their own stories. 

Empowerment is an important value at The Dimple Loft.

We're looking for an aspiring rockstar communicator who would like to assist in managing this business by learning and doing the following:

  1. ‍Write emails that actually connect with people.
  2. Create original content that people would want to read and subscribe to.
  3. Master the online software/apps/programs, set up systems and relevant tools to scale a business and extend its reach.
  4. Multi-task effectively without losing your head and patience.
  5. Build relationships with people socially.
  6. Acquire a sense of detail.
  7. Work hard

Interested applicants, please send your CV along with a recent colour photograph and your expected remuneration. 

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