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Turning children into storytellers

“We translate children’s imagination & ideas into art and writing.”

- Joanne Peh

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Imagination + Communication

The Dimple Loft is a one of a kind programme where we aim to capture children’s imaginations and foster their love for story-telling through the filmic arts.

“Your imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”


Why is storytelling important?

Storytelling is important not just because it’s entertainment, but because it communicates ideas, challenges norms and presents possibilities that could become reality.

4 stages of learning


Children listen to others — and also themselves — as they participate in the activities we’ve designed.


Children observe their surroundings and draw inspiration from what is around them, paying attention to details such as patterns and texture, colour and movement.


Children explore to find ways to use various methods and materials to make their ideas come to life.


Children share by showcasing their work, telling their story and explaining the process of putting it together.

How Our programme benefits Children


Gain Knowledge Organically

Children will seek out information, ask questions and gain knowledge that is of interest to them, so they can use it to support and build on their projects.


Promotes Literacy

Children will increase their vocabulary as they use words to describe and explain what they are doing, how they are feeling, and in some cases, offer their views on the topics of discussion.


Gain Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness

When children are able to try out new activities and work with others in an environment that is free from judgement and competition, they will develop confidence and be able to discover what they like or do not like.


Manage Feelings and Behaviour

Children will have to collaborate with one another for some activities to work, in the process learning how to communicate, share and help each other. They will learn to handle disappointment when something doesn’t work, and celebrate success when something does.


Explore and Use Media & Materials

While some children may have encountered some of the materials given, our activities are designed to give them a chance to freely explore materials for their unique qualities, to experiment and find answers for themselves.


Develop Lateral Thinking Skills

Children get to combine their existing knowledge to come up with something new, and develop indirect and creative approaches to problem solving.

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“Stories have the power to unite the world, affect relationships and impact our lives.”

- Joanne Peh