A 3-Day Camp

Filmic Arts Camp: Up!

4 - 7 years old (2011 - 2013 babies)



Kara Moments, 617 Bukit Timah Road, Level 2, Singapore 269718

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Includes all materials and snacks

Our school holiday camp is back! This time, we're inspired by the Pixar film UP!

UP began with the thought of escape which later on became a movie about letting go of the past. Pixar wanted a film that came from the heart, and so the makers of the film set out to develop a connection for the audience -- through a compelling story, appealing characters and a believable world.

The idea of balloons and a floating house is fun, colourful and magical which is why we want to use that to kickstart children's imaginations. Children are fascinated with the idea of travel and houses -- whether it's in the form of a treehouse, a dollhouse, a fort, a tent, a cave etc. and we hope that your child will dive into creating their adventure with us this December holidays!

Space available: 12

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Day 1

How would your house look like? How would it fly? Where would you take it? Who would you want with you on this adventure? Children will design and build their version of a floating house.

Day 2

In UP,  Carl had dreams of bringing his wife to Paradise Falls. Paradise Falls does not exist in real life, but it is the real places in South America that inspired the look and feel of this place. What are the countries you've been before? What do you remember from your travels? What would your destination look like? We encourage parents to email us photographs of your travels, so children can come together to discuss, paint and create the location where their adventures begin.

Day 3

Who are the people they will meet at their destination? How do they look like? What will they say? Children will create these characters, come up with dialogue and role play their story.

Other points to note:

1. This is strictly a drop-off programme for children aged 4-7 years old. Children born between 2011-2013 are all eligible.

2. Please bring along a water bottle, and dress in comfortable clothes and shoes. There will be warm-up activities and painting. We do encourage children to keep their shoes on. All snacks will be provided.

3. You are entitled to a 70% refund if you cancel one month before the camp. You may write to us hello@thedimpleloft.com to do so.

4. Any questions, we're happy to answer them! Write to us at hello@thedimpleloft.com

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