A 3-Day Camp

Filmic Arts Camp: Inside Out 2

5 - 8 Years Old (2011-2014)


3,4,5 June 2019

9 am - 12.30pm


Kara Moments
617 Bukit Timah Road
Level 2
Singapore 269718

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$395+(Eventbrite Fee)
Includes all materials and snacks

Following the success of our March Filmic Arts Camp, we are delving deeper into the world of emotions with the children this June. All of us deal with emotions everyday, and while children may not understand the big word known as EMPATHY, they are able to imagine scenarios and devise solutions with creative prompts. They may not have the vocabulary to explain what the word means, but at this stage, what is more important is being able to demonstrate empathy through the associated actions. Through creative processes such as devising alternative storylines, designing an imaginary world and exploring/creating dialogue, we allow children to recognise emotions in themselves and others, collaborate and reflect on their choices, as well as develop literacy skills which are all fundamental for empathy to flourish.

For children who have attended our March camp, this will not be repetitive. The familiar environment generates a sense of security that can facilitate the free flow of ideas.

All children bring with them prior experiences that always fuels interesting classroom discussions and we pride ourselves on our ability to extend on children’s interests so as to empower them to think creatively and imaginatively. For children who did not attend the previous camp, this will be just as beneficial.

There are new provocations set out for our June camp that are fun and developmentally appropriate. We want your children to feel confident that they can be storytellers in their own unique way!

Day 1

We will spend Day 1 getting to know each other and get comfortable in the environment with invitations to create. Then we will provide children with context and encourage conversations that can be put into a plan/blueprint.

Day 2

Children will make and create characters/sets/props/dialogue based on their discussions and plans from the day before.

Day 3

Children will put finishing touches to their work and do a show-and-tell.

Other points to note:

1. This is strictly a drop-off programme for children aged 5-8 years old. Children born between 2011-2014 are all eligible.

2. Please bring along a water bottle, and dress in comfortable clothes and shoes. There will be warm-up activities and painting. We do encourage children to keep their shoes on. All snacks will be provided.

3. You are entitled to a 70% refund if you cancel one month before the camp. You may write to us HELLO@THEDIMPLELOFT.COM to do so.

4. Any questions, we're happy to answer them! Write to us at HELLO@THEDIMPLELOFT.COM

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