A 3-Day Camp

Filmic Arts Camp: Inside Out

5-8 years old (2011-2013)


18, 19, 20 March 2019 (Mon – Wed)

9 - 12 pm


Kara Moments, 617 Bukit Timah Road, Level 2, Singapore 269718

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Includes all materials and snacks

What do emotions look like? Or abstract thought? These were the same questions the makers of Inside Out asked when they first had the idea to make a movie about the emotions inside a kid’s mind. We know how stressful it can be to cope with certain emotions from our children, so for our March camp, we’re going to tackle the difficult emotions by entering the colourful world of Inside Out and try to discover what would these look like in your child’s mind.

By seeking inspiration from the creators at Pixar, children will be making visible what their various emotions look like through the making of characters, mixing of colours, building of a safe island and creating a game to identify, understand and resolve emotions when they arise.

Learning Objectives

1. Supports the development of emotional intelligence to recognise not just their own emotions but of others' emotions too. This works towards developing positive relationships and empathy.

2. Develop a diversified and more nuanced vocabulary to describe their feelings through a variety of mediums.

3. Understand that there are no good or bad feelings and develop problem- solving strategies to manage their emotions by collaborating with their peers.

4. Strengthen and refine fine motor skills through the manipulation of a wide range of materials

5. Experiment with cause and effect as they explore colour mixing and figure out ways to blend, dissect and create colours

6. Be introduced to the idea of the meaning and psychology of colour and how it can potentially impact our mood.

Day 1

Children will begin by creating their versions of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust and build an island that helps them feel safe and joyful.

Day 2

Emotions don’t just exist in solitude. What happens when two emotions overlap? What does that look like? On Day 2 children will mix colours and script out how they would express the different emotions they may have when presented with various scenarios.

Day 3

The same emotion manifests itself differently in different children. Children will brainstorm and create a game to identify what the same emotion could look like for different people.

*Please note that due to our inquiry-based, child-led approach, activities on Day 2 and 3 may change based on the group’s interest.

Other points to note:

1. This is strictly a drop-off programme for children aged 5-8 years old. Children born between 2011-2013 are all eligible.

2. Please bring along a water bottle, and dress in comfortable clothes and shoes. There will be warm-up activities and painting. We do encourage children to keep their shoes on. All snacks will be provided.

3. You are entitled to a 70% refund if you cancel one month before the camp. You may write to us hello@thedimpleloft.com to do so.

4. Any questions, we're happy to answer them! Write to us at hello@thedimpleloft.com

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