A 3-Day Workshop

December Camp


2,3,4 December 2019 (Mon, Tue, Wed)



ALICE @ Mediapolis,

29 Media Circle,


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$240/day or $700 for 3 days (Early Bird Rate)
Includes all materials and snacks

This December holidays, children will come together for 3 days to experience what it’s like to do a film adaptation, set and sound design.

At The Dimple Loft, we believe children have big ideas but they’re often hidden inside their minds. How do these ideas look? What happens when these ideas are applied in a book to film adaptation? How do different sounds trigger emotions?


Before a film is made, we must first have a story. A story for a film can be created from scratch, or it can be adapted from a story.

Day 1 begins with exploring one of the most difficult emotions children have to cope with — anger. Where does anger come from? How do we resolve anger? What does it look like?

They will then research and discuss what goes into a film adaption using the story “Allie All Along” as inspiration. What are the pieces that have to come together? What should we keep from the original story? What should we change? How can we transfer pages into visuals? How do we visualize the moving parts?

Morning - Discussion + Research

Children will delve in to discuss with the facilitators where anger comes from and how to cope with it. Using “Allie All Along”  as a guide, they will research and come up with a plan for a film adaptation.

Afternoon - Make + Create

Children will work in groups to execute the plan they’ve discussed in the morning and create the parts required.


Stories always take place somewhere and how this place looks forms a very big part of the visuals we see in a film. In many animated films, this place where the story takes place can be based on a real place or made to resemble one.

On Day 2, children will explore how a place of anger will look and feel like. They’ll learn how artists channel their anger into masterpieces, discuss the colors and textures in films that convey anger before moving on to create an “Angry Island”.

Morning - Provocation + Exploration

Children will watch and discuss how sets can come alive through anger in films as they plan what their angry islands will look like.

Afternoon - Budgeting + Making

Older children will be given a simple budget to work with as they pick out materials and design their islands while younger children will have to decide how many coupons they want to use in exchange for the materials they need.


Part of the visual experience of watching a film is the sound, something we tend to take for granted until it’s not there. Sound isn’t just the words uttered in dialogue, but also in sound effects and the background score of a scene.

On Day 3, children will come together to tinker with materials to create an auditory experience for themselves and their friends. How do different sounds create mood, or convey emotions? How would the different scores affect the “feel” of a scene?

Morning - Tinkering + Musical Exploration

Children will take a trip around the world as they listen and explore how different instruments sound.They will tinker with materials to produce sounds, experience to with how sounds can be altered and express emotions through rhythm and tones.

Afternoon - Scoring + Recording

Children will attempt to apply what they’ve learnt in the morning to score a scene. They will work in groups to create and record dialogue and sounds to go with a short scene.

All snacks and lunch will be provided. Please inform us of any food allergies during sign up. To prevent food wastage, please inform us if you prefer to bring your own lunch.

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