A 4-Day Workshop

A Tribe of Kids

20 months - 4 years old


13,14,20,21 July 2019 (Sat, Sun)




Ground-Up Initiative (GUI)

91 Lorong Chencharu

Singapore, 769201

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Includes all materials and snacks

We are launching the final third and fourth installations of our parent accompanied toddler workshops inspired by the heartwarming tale of “A Tribe of Kids”. Centred around the journey of a boy as he travels through various spaces and encounters different creatures to find his way home, the workshops will be based on the themes:


13 July: Properties of Water

How does water move? What are the different states of water? How does the Chinese character "水" look like to you?

14 July: Ocean Art

How big is a whale? What does the ocean look like? How does it feel?


20 July: That Furry Crawler

What is a caterpillar? How does it move and what does it eat? What are the lines that make up "虫"?

21 July: See The Butterfly

What is the life cycle of a butterfly? What are the traits of a butterfly's wings? What would it feel like to be one?

We will explore the intriguing elements of WATER and delve deeper into understanding life in the ocean through a series of sensorial art, language experiences and science-based experiments that will challenge the children to hypothesize, research and investigate their learning.

METAMORPHOSIS is a complex concept and we will break it down by identifying the unique properties of the caterpillar and butterfly using craft, movement, dramatic role play and story-telling.

We are keeping our class size to 15 pairs of parent-child per session.

Our process-based workshops encourage children to learn by doing, take risks by experimenting and develop observation skills by engaging their senses. We believe in letting the children’s interests take the lead and we would love if your child can join us for more than 1 theme so that we can build on those interests. You’ll probably find that your child responds and engages differently on subsequent days as they become more familiar with us and the setting. Please hit the ‘Contact Us’ button if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!

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